What is tailor-made travel?

A tailor-made travel agent is an experienced consultant who is knowledgeable about a specific country or region and can therefore offer you first-hand experience and recommendations in your chosen destination. A tailor-made agent will usually also work very closely with a local agent in the country you’re visiting, who has up-to-the-minute knowledge of the different types of accommodation, the latest tours and the kind of trip that would suit you. There’s no sticking a pin in a map and hoping for the best hotel, your tailor-made agent can  help you make informed choices about your trip.

At Sri Lankan Tour Guides, our team includes experienced tailor-made travel specialists for a number of region in the sri lanka. Besides destination experience, they all have in-depth travel knowledge so they can suggest a range of travel itineraries and interesting stop overs that you may not have considered. They’re a widely travelled bunch.

Why tailor made travel?

  • All tours tested for satisfaction
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Unparalleded service
  • Each tour is tailor made
  • Build your tour within your budget
  • Your schedule